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Lincoln, NE


Virtual check-in will be available from Monday, September 28th at 8 am to Friday, October 2nd at 10 pm.

How to Check-in

  • The Nebraska Corporate Games check-in system has gone virtual as well, allowing for a contact-free option at all events. Use your smartphone to check-in with our event-specific QR codes. Click the "QR Code Info" link for more information. Click the "QR Code Reader" link for a free website to open QR codes from your computer. 

  • Make sure you have a QR Code reader downloaded on your smartphone.

  • QR Codes will be posted HERE when the event happens.

  • Must remember username and password to check-in on your phone!

Roster Limit

Company participation is unlimited, but only one person per company needs to find the QR code. Companies are encouraged to work as a team to use the clues to find a location of each QR code.


All players must be regular employees (full or part-time), interns or retirees of companies registered for the Omaha Corporate Games.

Location 1

  • I'm located on the Billy Wolff Trail

  • I'm not a business

  • You can find me just south of the Lincoln Children's Zoo

  • I stand alone and I'm painted green

  • You can be refreshed visiting me year-round

Location 2

  • I'm located on the Billy Wolff Trail

  • Locally owned

  • Established in 2016

  • Delicious farm to table food

  • The view from my balcony is the beautiful Union Plaza

Location 3

  • I'm located on the Billy Wolf Trail

  • Locally owned

  • South of Holmes Lake

  • We'll provide the training and the tools to finish the race

  • Happy Feet - Happy Runner

Location 4

  • I'm located just off the Old Cheney Trail

  • Locally owned since 1993

  • A place to gather

  • I serve food you can see through

  • You can stop in for a quick cup of joe, but we'd love for you to stay awhile to enjoy the neighborhood atmosphere

Location 5

  • I'm located in Southwest Lincoln near Southwest High School

  • The future is bright with our team

  • Sister Sledge sang a song about what makes this business so special

  • Contacting us can help you see far into the future

  • Our flowers "Blum" and our selection of vision improvement items are always stocked


  • The scavenger hunt will be a team activity in which QR codes are located around the Lincoln area. Only one person per company needs to find the QR code and "check-in" in order for the company to receive points. Clues for the locations will be given every day during the week of the scavenger hunt on the NE Corporate Games Facebook Page. Those clues will be posted on this page as well. Points will be given for each code checked in by the company.

  • If entering local businesses, masks must be worn.

  • Each day a new clue will be announced for each of the 5 locations to help participants locate the QR code.

  • This is a team activity. Once a company participant solves the clue, they are encouraged to go to that location, scan the QR code to check-in, and earn their company points.

    • The employee who checks in MUST be logged into their Corporate Games Manager account and see the green confirmation screen stating that the check-in has been successful in order to guarantee that the company will receive credit for the check-in.

  • There are no participation points for the Scavenger Hunt, only points for finding each of the 5 QR codes.

Point System

No medals will be awarded. Finding all 5 QR codes is worth 500 points. No participation points awarded.

  • 5 QR Codes Found- 500 points

  • 4 QR Codes Found- 400 points

  • 3 QR Codes Found- 300 points

  • 2 QR Codes Found- 200 points

  • 1 QR Code Found- 100 points

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